Spazio Nour is pleased to announce the selection of the first artistic residency project promoted by our cultural center.

Unurgent Argilla is an aesthetic and material research project on clays, soils and rocks collected in nature. The studies and objects of Unurgent Argilla try to express a place and its land.
Born in 2019 in London, this year the UA project will be hosted by Spazio Nour with the aim of expanding its research and creation with local clays in Milan and its surroundings.

Nina collects the material and works it on a lathe to make vases and sculptures. Jean plans to create both a physical and digital archive of rocks and clays, and a system to catalog them. Dilya instead takes care of the photographic part. It is important to create a connection between the place where the materials are collected and the objects created with them. Through the joint work of ceramics and photography it is possible to create sensations and awareness of the material and the place.

It is called unurgent because urgency is a very overused word, clay is worked only slowly, the materials with which UA works have been around for millions of years and cannot be forced into frenetic rhythms.

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