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Trentatré.4 - II Edizione

26 February 2018 from 19:00 to 19:33, Spazio Nour.

Spazio Nour is pleased to present the second edition of Trentatré.4, a participatory act loosely inspired by John Cage's 4'33.

The experience involves the construction of a moment of silence lasting thirty-three minutes, during which the thirty-three candidates - whose participation must be notified in advance to the staff - will share space and time and allocate it to themselves.

In a reinterpretation of John Cage's experimental composition 4'33, Spazio Nour aims to create a moment of absolute freedom in which you will be able to interact with the space, the objects and the other participants according to a single rule: the rule of silence.

There are no specific requirements to participate in Trentatré.4 and anyone can apply. You are invited to send your application to the following email address, specifying your name and surname:

With your application you also give the space permission to film and document the session. For any doubts, disagreements or specific requests, please contact the Spazio Nour team in advance.

Due to the nature of the event, punctuality is essential. Anyone arriving after the start time (19.00) will be denied access to Spazio Nour until the participatory act is complete. In addition, the use of electronic devices during the 33 minutes will be prohibited.


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