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On Friday 17 July 2015, SPAZIO NOUR invites you to "FREE PHOTOS EXHIBITION", the social art project aimed at cultural interaction, through the involvement of the different social realities present inside the building in Viale Bligny 42. For one evening, the walls of the building's inner courtyard will host the photographs that Kurdish-Iranian photographer Arsham Alaviani took of the residents of the apartment block and those who passed through the courtyard during the "FREE PHOTOS - FOR OUR FRIENDS" free photography day on 6 June, during which Spazio Nour organised a photo shoot in the courtyard. The shots taken are a gift with which the art space in Viale Bligny 42 wishes to thank the other inhabitants of the building for the hospitality received by the artists hosted during the various activities organised. The people who have been portrayed will also be able to take their own photograph at the end of the exhibition, to keep as a souvenir of these shared experiences. The courtyard of Viale Bligny 42 and the people who make up its vital substance will be the real protagonists of this evening. After sunset, photographer and videomaker Luca Condorelli will animate the inner courtyard with a videomapping created for the occasion.


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