The DNA of Spazio Nour is mainly made up by Social Art, intended as the attempt to recognize a particular social issue and address it using arts and the creative process itself. This effort has as main goal to improve society as a whole. For Spazio Nour, this concept has been the driving-force and the common thread for many of our main events, and has taken many forms. 


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The first strand of events has the Performing Arts as its main focus. Each performance is conceived as a stand-alone story. The involvement of the participants is however a constant, it is in fact thanks to their presence and their reactions that the performance takes the value of a unique moment. We like to think of these shared experiences as the basics for new forms of social integration. 

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The second category of events concentrates on Participative Arts. At Spazio Nour this particular art branch takes on a particular meaning. The gathering and collaboration of people with different background have been capable of easing or highlighting tensions and finally see the people who are hiding behind social stereotypes. 

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