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(un)fair Art Fair Milano

Spazio Nour participated in the first edition of (un)fair, the contemporary art fair taking place from 8 to 10 April 2022 in the spaces of Superstudio Maxi, Milan. The exhibition project, specifically conceived for the occasion, included the original dialogue between the artworks by Iranian artist Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi (Teheran, 1979) and Italian photographer Mauchi (Lucca, 1973).

Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi and Mauchi’s artistic practices meet in the very core of the fair, originating an exhibition project born from the links between their unique languages. The show takes form starting from the Japanese term 間 Ma, an artistic and aesthetic concept linked to the Mahāyāna Buddhist philosophy recalling the idea of gap, pause, the empty space between two structural units. Over this shared commonground the two artists work meets and relates - triggering a dialogue between creative forms based on conveying a sense of calm and emotionally involving the viewer.

The artistic languages of Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi and Mauchi - very close in terms of storylines, concepts and philosophies - enter the spaces of (un)fair, inviting the viewers to navigate their own imaginations and to explore the different shapes of void.


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