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Inaugurazione PORTRAITS. FEELING THE BEAUTY di Eleonora Chiti, a cura di Carlotta Biffi.

16 October 2017 at 7pm, Spazio Nour.

The exhibition consists of thirteen unpublished photographs and, through a poetic and sensory research, investigates the forms of the female body and its perfect imperfections. "PORTRAITS. Feeling The Beauty" invades Spazio Nour like a black and white constellation of unbearable sweetness, gentle in its essential lines and silent dialogues.

The solo exhibition focuses on the theme of feminine beauty, developing its complexity through a skilful combination of senses that reveals the young photographer's attention to detail and sophisticated taste: the soft ripples of a dishevelled sheet dissolve into the soft sound of waves crashing against the body, the muffled silence of cotton envelops a sleeping figure like a bright field of flowers, the portrait of a young woman waiting is lost in the pressing stillness of the photographic medium.

The exhibition, with free admission, will be on until 28 October 2017 (by appointment).


Bio. Eleonora Chiti graduated in photography in Florence in 2013, and then embarked on a personal research linked to performance and social theatre: the keystone of her path was the meeting with Agostina Zwilling, which took place in 2014 during the performance workshop Mein Lièe, Pied Lié. In the performative field, she has collaborated in Fragile Opera III (Polansky Gallery, Florence 2015), Cominciamo da qui (Real Collegio, Lucca 2016); in 2015 she participated in the project "Archivio delle Avventure d'Infanzia" in Serravalle Pistoiese and in 2016 in PAF (Performance Art Festival) with the audio-visual installation Questo è il bosco.

She lives and works in Pistoia.


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