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Empathic Relationships & Mental Health​

The initiative Empathic Relationships & Mental Health, held between November and December 2018, is part of the project Treatment paths through itinerant art supported by the City of Milan - Piano Periferie 2018. It was organized in collaboration with Fondazione Empatia Milano, Fondazione Gaetano Bertini Malgarini Onlus, and La salute in testa. The main objective was to break down stereotypes regarding mental illness, and unite participants by creating a synergy between people of different origins, culture and social class.

During the initiative, which free of charge and open to everyone who wanted to join, participants were given the opportunity to interact with the Human Books of the Living Library and to create a collective work of art with the artist Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi. During this initiative, therefore, all participants gave their contribution to the creation of a work of visual arts and calligraphy. Each one of them gave their own contribution by donating to the canvas a bit of their words, their feelings, their art, their experience.


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