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22 July 2016, 20:00 to 22:00, Spazio Nour.

Artist Farhad Gavzan, guest of Spazio Nour with an exhibition of his drawings, will close his solo show with a Workshop and video ducumentary on his teaching method.

Farhad Gavzan draws on the arts and crafts of his homeland by practising meditative art and creating authentic contemporary drawings.

While Gavzan's designs are contemporary in nature, they are rooted in the historical arts of his homeland. Through "Siahmashq", a calligraphic technique, Iranian calligraphers achieved meditative perfection in their craft. By repeatedly transcribing the same words, they would completely detach themselves from the meaning of the word, leaving space and importance only to the form.

Gavzan follows the same meditative path in his abstract drawings. His approach is intuitive and, considering the size of the paper, he starts with initial strokes and then takes shape in a contemporary study of anatomy.

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