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Finissage MAUCHI: INDETERMINAZIONE, curated by Elisabetta Rizzuto.

20 June 2017 from 18:00 to 21:30, Spazio Nour.

At Spazio Nour the finissage of Mauchi's 'Indetermination'.

The exhibition is an anthology of Mauchi's art, dedicated entirely to black and white photography. "Mauchi sees black and white," reads the presentation, "one inseparable from the other, the yin and yang from which everything originates. Black is cold, dark, deep, inert and coexists with white, warm, clear, epidermal, dynamic. In this chromatic geography, grey is an undefined colour and complementary to itself. Mauchi forces the photographic gesture by composing graphics, signs and drawings. Like the 'grass style' of Chinese calligraphy, all Mauchi's work is characterised by the search for the form of a harmony existing in nature, which is captured beyond the object of representation, often no longer recognisable even to the most attentive eye".

The curator links the artist's work with one of the most fascinating theories of modern physics, the Principle of Indetermination, inviting the public to reflect on the relational dimension of art. As Heisenberg, the father of quantum mechanics, argues, the observer and the observed in relation to each other generate changes that are always different and unpredictable. In the same way, all of Mauchi's photography is imprecise,

indefinite and has no given determination because it can take on different ones and generate an infinite range of perceptions and sensations.


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