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If they were?

One of the shapes that Social Art has taken at Spazio Nour has been the project If they were?, organized in collaboration with the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (NABA).

The NABA Social Design course was held at Spazio Nour in the spring of 2018, in order to conceive and design a new social project to be developed in Bligny 42 and managed by the City of Milan. The objective identified for this project was to improve conviviality, well-being, and dialogue within the community living in the building through space design and empathic solutions. The challenge was taken up by 63 NABA students, led by the teacher Liat Rogel, who for 4 months (January-May 2018) worked together with the inhabitants of Bligny 42, Spazio Nour and Fondazione Empatia Milano (FEM).

The task given to the students was to imagine the transformation of an empty studio apartment into a residential and multicultural context such as Viale Bligny 42.

The projects has been elaborated following an empathic path that allowed the students to get directly in touch with the context of the building and with its residents. From this starting point, spaces and activities were born through a creative process carried out with design tools.

The solutions proposed were capable of bringing well-being, sharing and self-management to the community.

Among them appear:

- a laundry room that also serves as a café,

- a room for repairs and DIY jobs,

- a space for children,

- a multicultural theater,

- a knitting space


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