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On Sunday 1 November 2015, Spazio Nour hosted a screening of the film/documentary La Visione Romantica, by the Milanese director Roberto Rup Paolini. The theme is love, analysed, dissected, discussed in all its many facets, to give a point of view that goes beyond the "romantic vision" to which we have been accustomed by cinema, books and urban legends. The twelve protagonists talk honestly, in an intimate and confidential dialogue, about feelings, without ever hiding that layer of uncertainty that is hidden behind the relationships, gestures, intentions and ideals that make up the very personal romantic vision that each of us has to come to terms with every time we love or are loved. With this film, the author wants to break down a modern taboo: the shame of talking about one's feelings. A choral dialogue with which to confront, be moved, laugh and better understand others and oneself.


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