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Love is Univers ALL Italy

As a part of the residency in Fossa, L'Aquila where thirteen artists were invited by the mayor to organise participative art projects with the aim to rebuild a devastated community after the earthquake ten years ago, "Love is Univers ALL" was organised.

Performance “Love is Univers ALL“ is part of the project that artist Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi started in July 2014 in Milano, in which he reflects on art and its social function, the event continued every year as an approach festival in the same neighbourhood (Viale Bligny 42 Milano) and expanded to several locations in Antwerpen (De Coninckplein, Sint-Paulusplaats, Terloplein). The “Love is Univers ALL” project is a site specific, participatory project. The painting of the hearts designed by Mahmoud invite the neighbourhood to paint and come together.

5th of August, Piazza Gemona, Fossa, L'Aquila, Italy.


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