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If there was? collaborative service ideas for Bligny 42

7 May 2018 from 18:00 to 20:00, Spazio Nour.

We asked the students to imagine what an empty studio apartment can become in a multicultural residential context such as that of Viale Bligny 42.

63 students from more than 10 nationalities worked for 4 months, together with the locals, at Spazio Nour in collaboration with Fondazione Empatia Milano (FEM) led by teacher Liat Rogel.

Their projects started from an empathic path that has allowed them to get in direct contact with the context and the people who live there. From there, with the tools of design, spaces and activities were born, capable of bringing well-being, sharing and self-management.

Among the proposed projects appear: a laundry room that doubles as a café, a room for repairs and do-it-yourself works, a space for children, a multicultural theater, a space for knitting (space-knitting) and more. Each project is represented by a scale model and a short video explaining its meaning, thus, space and activities are seen together.


• 18:00 Welcome by Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, Spazio Nour

• 18:15 Empathy and Design - Liat Rogel, NABA

• 18:30 Presentation of the students' works

• 19:00 The power of empathy - Petra Mezzetti, Empatia Foundation Milan (FEM)

• 7.15pm Aperitif


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