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Una Mostra Che Non Esiste

10 February 2020 from 19:00 to 00:00, Spazio Nour.

>> An event that does not exist <<

If the relationship between people did not exist, could we really call ourselves alive? What would happen if you had to walk alongside your fellow human beings for hours without exchanging a single word?

With these open questions, Spazio Nour invites you on 10 February to live a hyper-connected experience (in the vacuum of relationships). From 7 p.m. be here, Viale Bligny 42, to discover the creative product of a collective, which in two days has devised this experience, through Laboratorio per una mostra che non esiste by Giuseppe Palmisano.

Let's sing a song without words, write me if you die tonight, tell me who you told what to. Is it you in front of me or is it me who has never seen you? What are you doing later?

These questions and many less for an exhibition that does not exist, the social silence of the year.


- Arrive with your phone charged

- Download the Telegram app (do it while you're reading)

- Activate all sound notifications and turn the volume up to maximum

- Make sure you're not a robot


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