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Vernissage di LORO, Taher Nikkhah Abyaneh, curated by Carlotta Biffi.

21 June 2018 from 7pm to 11pm, Spazio Nour.

Spazio Nour is pleased to present its fourth exhibition scheduled for this year.

Loro, by Taher Nikkhah Abyaneh and curated by Carlotta Biffi, will open on Thursday 21 June at 7pm and will be open until Thursday 5 July 2018.

The exhibition, which envisages the involvement of the entire exhibition space in the creation of a site-specific art installation, is aimed at presenting the work of Iranian visual artist Taher Nikkhah (Tehran, 1974).

The artistic journey that Loro proposes will be a journey through the artist's work, structured in a completely new framework and reshaped according to a reflection that aims to highlight some of the most pressing contemporary issues - first and foremost the intercultural relationship. The artist's perspective, distilled in a series of artworks that reflect his fascination for experimenting with heterogeneous materials, will accompany you through a path of questions and answers, aimed at leading you towards the acquisition of a new awareness.

The opening of the exhibition is free of charge, while visits during the exhibition period are free of charge but by appointment.

The artist. Taher Nikkhah Abyaneh was born in Iran in 1974 and trained as a visual artist at the Azad Art University in Tehran; after moving to Italy he obtained an academic diploma in Sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera.

He has exhibited in Iran at institutions such as the Mohsen Art Gallery (Encountering History, 2010) and the Jahan Nama Art Gallery (Metamorphosis, 2007), and has contributed to a series of group exhibitions in Milan, Tehran and Paris. He has been awarded several prizes, including the Visual Arts Festival prize sponsored by Tehran's Sondozi Museum in 2007 and the Mazda Brera contest video category prize in 2012.


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