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In an attempt to concretize the idea of a Spazio Nour’S Art Shop, we tried to reflect on the most appropriate way to realize it, in harmony with the DNA of the space. Therefore, this new project has been conceived as an extension of Spazio Nour, able to preserve its full identity, both in its proposals and in the way they are presented. For the realization of this platform, we went back to the roots that made Spazio Nour what it is today: a vibrant place full of deep respect and love for interactivity and human contact.

This project is therefore not based on the sale of mere objects but wants to offer the opportunity to make meaningful experiences that give value to each of those who decide to participate. Thanks to these initiatives, our intent is to make connections between you and our artists in order to create, together. In the total exclusivity of the experience, Spazio Nour offers, therefore, the opportunity to participate in performances and workshops that have as a founding element your creative drive, which is free to express itself and to contribute to the shaping of a new way of conceiving art marketing.

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