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Finissage di INCREASE AWARENESS di Eleonora Rotolo, a cura di Gianluca Gramolazzi

29 March 2018 from 19:00 to 22:00, Spazio Nour.

Spazio Nour presents Exercises for Awareness as the closing event of Increase Awareness, a solo exhibition by Eleonora Rotolo (Villaricca, 1988) curated by Gianluca Gramolazzi.

Exercises for Awareness is an operation of exchange and discussion with the public. A moment of encounter, during which the spectator will be called to actively reason about the use of resources and the personal responsibility of their management. The experience is the concluding moment of the reflection proposed by Increase Awareness, an exhibition composed of heterogeneous works that underlines the environmental problem and its relationship with the economic-political system.

Asking questions about the nature of the goods we use helps us to consider objects as part of a wider production system that embraces aspects that are sometimes ignored, such as the exploitation of both raw materials and labour. Few times do we find satisfactory answers on our own, which is why Increase Awareness urges the viewer to dialogue with the other and find a possible solution together.

The exhibition, with free admission, will run until 30 March 2018 (by appointment).


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