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Inaugurazione MAUCHI: INDETERMINAZIONE, a cura di Elisabetta Rizzuto

6 June 2017 from 6pm, Spazio Nour.

Mauchi has been a photographer for over 20 years. Indetermination is his first anthological exhibition.

For Mauchi, photographing is a visual gesture. A sort of wei wu wei, an action without artifice, simple, conscious and immediate that requires knowledge and technical mastery.

Mauchi's gesture is the gesture of non-temporality, so it would be deceptive to look for the logic of time in this collection of shots. "Perhaps it is only in exceptional moments that we realise our years, while most of the time we are ageless", writes Kundera. Mauchi seems to remind us of this throughout his work, a kind of album of everyday life that crosses the horizontal line between past and present. Indetermination is rather a vertical thought that portrays the meanings of things that happen together, in a dimension where there is no before and no after.

Mauchi sees black and white, one inseparable from the other, the yin and yang from which everything originates. Black is cold, dark, deep, inert and coexists with white which is warm, light, epidermal and dynamic. In this chromatic geography, grey is an undefined colour and complementary to itself.

Mauchi forces the photographic gesture by composing graphics, signs and drawings.

Like the "grass style" of Chinese calligraphy, all Mauchi's work is characterised by the search for the form of a harmony existing in nature, which is captured beyond the object of representation, often no longer recognisable even to the most attentive eye. In fact, Mauchi portrays the relationships between objects and, in order to observe their complexity, he increases the contrast and resorts to the multiscalarity of geometries, densities, boundaries and reflections.

According to Heisenberg's Principle, the observer, in the act of observing, inevitably produces alterations in reality that are indeterminable. The same happens in Mauchi's works. Every representation of reality, through the vision of the photographer, is imprecise and indefinite, it has no given determination because it can assume different ones. Thus Mauchi leads us to doubt the actual validity of his representations, bringing out the theme of the "illusory emptiness of appearances" throughout his work.

His shots present a system of stratifications and repetitions in which the dimension of reality seems to continually escape to make way for playful, surreal, symbolic experiments of the subconscious and synaesthetic sensations enveloped in an apparent silence.

MAUCHI is a visual experimenter. Born in 1973 in Lucca, he began taking photographs at a very young age, self-taught. He soon added video production to his photography. He is passionate about oriental cultures and is a practitioner of aikido, a Japanese martial art. He lived in Liguria and then in Prato, where he met Elisabetta Rizzuto, with whom he collaborated on artistic projects. Today he lives in Lucca and works between Italy and Switzerland.


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