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L'Ultima Cena

24 June 2017 from 21:00 to 23:00, Spazio Nour.

On Saturday 24 June at 9pm, to coincide with the last day of Ramadan, Spazio Nour will host "The Last Supper", a participatory performance by the tenants of the apartment block in Viale Bligny 42.

What discourse is cooked from a plate of parmigiana, Egyptian mahshi and fried platanos?

The whole city is invited to take part in the performance, in one of its richest corners of history and urban stories.

The apartment building in Viale Bligny 42, although it often goes unnoticed along the road from Porta Romana to the Navigli, is a fundamental element in the construction of the memory and identity of the city of Milan. In its courtyard, so reminiscent of a village square, the most fragile fringes of society experiment with methods of coexistence with less fragile fringes, different cultures seek a dialogue that develops from the contingent, from everyday life.

The tenants of Viale Bligny 42 officially invite you to dinner, bring a delicacy from your home if you like, and above all, if it rains, bring your umbrella!

"The Last Supper" is part of a series of participatory performances initiated in 2014 by the artist Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi, during which a long, laid table becomes a meeting place for different cultures, starting with the sharing of food.


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