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The First Supper

This performance, which took place during the summer of 2015, was conceived with an important goal in mind: integration in a socially difficult situation, like the one present in the building where Spazio Nour is located. Food and table culture are at the heart of the performance, which was called The First Supper, taking inspiration from Catholic religious culture and thinking about Da Vinci's Last Supper. In The First Supper each inhabitant is invited to bring his or her seat at the table, the typical food of his or her own tradition and his or her culture. These elements are meant to let diversity become a meeting point and not a clash between different backgrounds for the time of one evening.

The inhabitants of the building in Bligny 42 were very receptive and gave a more than positive response to the initiative, creating a domino effect that saw the table filled with food and people for more than four hours, making it a meeting point for cultures from all over the world, from Japan to Peru, passing through Arab countries and Italy. The guests, seated opposite each other, were able to feed themselves by sharing. This first performance has become the starting point of many other dinners, which, thanks to this performance, have triggered a process of integration of the population.


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