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The First Supper Sagr-ART

As a part of the residency in Fossa, L'Aquila where thirteen artists were invited by the mayor to organise participative art projects with the aim to rebuild a devastated community after the earthquake ten years ago, "The First Supper Sagr-ART" was organised.

The organization of "The First Supper" in Fossa, L'Aquila was inspired by the famous local festival Sagra, where people bring food and eat it together. The ancient and warm local tradition has been affected by both the earthquake and the COVID and its restrictions. Tradition can come back to life, to give input to the festival to return to Fossa and its surroundings for all the next years.

"The First Supper" in Fossa tried to raise awareness and remember a strong local socio-cultural tradition and a heritage both for the inhabitants and for the neighbouring cities to continue to resume and move forward even with little or less public, to create a collective memory both within and by the community. "The First Supper" is a new beginning, a reconstruction of the traditional festival and trust within society.

10th of August 2021, Piazza Gemona, Fossa, L'Aquila Italy


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